Set of 2 breakfast board rectangular made of olive wood

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Breakfast board made of olive wood - also called: snack board, snack board, snack board or stub board


The wood of an olive tree is fine-pored and one of the heaviest and hardest woods in the world. Therefore, olive wood is excellently suited for kitchen use, as it hardly takes on any odors and bacteria have a hard time penetrating into the wood. Its unique grain is formed during the extremely slow growth of up to 1000 years. The trees can reach a height of 10 to 20 meters. In many Mediterranean countries, the craft of olive wood processing has a century-long tradition Olive trees are only released for the timber trade after they no longer bear fruit. In other words, a role model in food production and a perfect synergy between humans and nature.

Before further processing into one of our products, the olive wood is dried and stored for a long time. Its smooth, slightly shiny and individual surface structure is obtained by the expert processing. Our olive wood also comes from the Mediterranean, where the olive tree is still revered as a source of life, as it provides fruit, oil and wood at the same time. Like its fruits, the wood of the olive tree is oily and therefore slightly water-repellent. Olive wood products have the naturally acting natural substance "Oleuropein", which has antiseptic or antioxidant properties that help to ensure a hygienic surface.


The delicate and unique grain is usually crossed by darker lines in different shades of brown and thus has a unique charisma.  With great attention to detail and quality, our high-quality products made of olive wood are produced in our small manufactory or in small partner manufactories in the Mediterranean region according to our specifications. Each product is handmade according to traditional and highest quality methods, is 100% natural and in any case always unique!

Our products are all carefully oiled before shipping: not only for care purposes, but also to make them shine. If you want to maintain this shine, rub it with a little cooking oil from time to time and then wipe it dry.


Olive wood is a very beautiful but also sophisticated product The adventurous growth that leads to the beautiful grain not only has positive aspects but also leads to above-average more movement in the wood. With continuous care you can inhibit the "work" of the wood a little and minimize "work" but the wood will always work. The general rule is: The larger and thinner a product from one piece, the higher the likely that it tends to crack and deformation. We process the products with all the necessary care, especially during drying, but even this does not completely prevent the natural movement processes. Every product is tested with us and leaves our warehouse 100% plan and flawless. Smaller cracks that have already arisen are carefully cemented by us. Please understand that we cannot evaluate smaller cracking and deformations that can be caused by the above-mentioned natural process as a material defect.



To serve?

Typical for a rich and extensive breakfast include fresh rolls and croissants, bread, cheese, cold cuts, spreads, dips, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, ham, salad, fruit, cereals, dessert and orange juice and, of course, coffee. The eye eats with it. As a serving board for sausage and bread, a cutting board made of olive wood is a real eye-catcher. Olive wood is one of the hardest woods in the world. Therefore, they will enjoy these boards for a long time even with daily use. And of course it has a double benefit, because of course it can also be used in the evening for the snack!

To decorate?

If you want to round off your table decoration for a snack, you can, for example, add small olive wood bowls for dips, pepper mills, menagen or salt and pepper sprinklers. Especially with a raw food plate, this would be the perfect combination. Olive wood bowls of any size and shape make the meal a real event. The olive wood bowls and bowls are available depending on your taste with a rustic natural edge, i.e. you can still see the bark of the olive tree, or you prefer the more modern variant of a round bowl with a rounded smooth edge. Both variants have their own charisma and are good to use.

For cutting?

Due to its hardness and density, olive wood is particularly scratch-resistant, cut-insensitive compared to other woods and thus ideally suited for use in the kitchen or for snacks.

To give away?

With a gift made of olive wood you make joy and stay in the very best memory! The quite rare and expressive natural material has a unique and warm aura and is always unique. A useful product for daily use, paired with natural design of expressive grain.


When buying, please note!

• The joy of the product and the character of the wood can be preserved for you by washing the olive wood cutting board after use, only with lukewarm water and with a detergent and then drying it immediately! For the best possible care, please rub the product regularly with light cooking oil, such as rapeseed or sunflower oil, and then wipe it dry. In addition to the care, the beautiful grain comes into its own! Using olive oil for care is not harmful but not necessarily recommended, as it becomes rancid faster and may smell unpleasant.

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Set of 2 breakfast board rectangular made of olive wood

21.34 in_stock! Breakfast board made of olive wood - also called: snack board, snack board, snack board or stub board Olive Wood Luxury

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